What is an Armchair Boogie? Is it that feeling after a large meal and you can't quite muster a full-on Boogie? Do you need to bring a towel? This Armchair Boogie is Bluegrass-Funk band Based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The band formed  Stevens Point, a college town in Central Wisconsin. 

Ben Majeska (guitar/vocals) and Augie Dougherty (banjo/vocals) began sharing and swapping tunes on their Main Street porch. Before long, the two were playing out at venues under the name "Armchair Boogie". A rhythm section was added in 2015 when Eli Frieders (bass) and Dan Waterman (drums) came on board.   

Summer, 2017 marked a geographic transition to the Madison area and the addition of Denzel Connor behind the drum kit. From Madison the band was able to begin playing around the Midwest and Nationally. Their debut Self-Titled album was released in the Spring of 2018. 

Armchair Boogies forthcoming album "What Does Time Care" was successfully crowdfunded, recorded, and set to release in October, 2019. The Boogie has much to be excited for and looks to the future as their dance floor.